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Saturday 20 September 2014

Bernal: Films get life after awards

Gael Garcia Bernal didn't mind his film missing out on an Oscar

Gael Garcia Bernal has revealed that he didn't mind losing the Oscar to Michael Haneke's Amour.

The Mexican actor, who stars in Pablo Larrain's Chilean film No, would have liked to have won the Oscar for best foreign language film but admitted that being nominated was good enough.

"It is one of those things that doesn't really matter in the grander sense that films can have a life beyond any awards. I mean, the really good films we don't think about in the sense of the awards they have won, but the films themselves... live on," he said.

"We don't want our films to be in the closet, we want [them] to be seen all over. No is a film that I love and I think is a brilliant movie."

Gael, who acts, directs and writes, revealed that he only decided to step behind the camera for curiosity's sake.

"The reason I started directing was because all of a sudden I discovered in a very innocent way through acting in films that there was this narrative, this medium of expression, and I wanted to play with it and explore it and learn how to be able to express myself within it," he said.

"I've always liked films and watching them a lot. Directing them is definitely the most enjoyable part of making a film."

He also revealed that he enjoys the stage: "If I were to choose whether to act in a film or in a play I would always choose a play because there is a sense of belonging. A play belongs to me in that moment and I go and I do it."

:: Gael Garcia Bernal's short film Drifting is available to see online now at

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