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Billy Connolly loved royal role in Gulliver’s Travels

Billy Connolly has revealed it was “terrific” to play a king in Gulliver’s Travels.

The Scottish comedian features as the King of Lilliput in the big screen adaptation of Jonathan Swift’s classic book.

Billy enjoyed the role as it allowed him to wear regal attire and command the adoration of everyone – even though he joked he’s been in charge for many years anyway.

“It’s terrific to be the king, I’ve been the king for a long time and it’s a joy,” he told Cover Media. “You get the sparkliest uniform and you just swan around.”

The 68-year-old claims he was motivated by Britain’s Prince Charles when he was preparing for the movie. Billy wanted the character to be amiable and laidback, so decided to take inspiration from the future king of England.

“I tried to be a kind of Prince Charles-y King. I think if he was the king he’d be a sort of jolly casual king and I sort of tried to be like him,” the star explained. “I rather like him.”

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