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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Brooks joining DeGeneres in Nemo 2

Ellen DeGeneres will be reunited with Albert Brooks in Finding Nemo 2

Albert Brooks is joining Ellen DeGeneres in the Finding Nemo sequel.

The 65-year-old actor has apparently closed "a fat deal" to reprise his voice role as Marlin the clownfish in the highly anticipated follow-up, reported Deadline.

Ellen was already on board to return as Dory, while Andrew Stanton will be back in the director's chair for the sequel.

It is uncertain whether the other voice stars such as Willem Dafoe, Geoffrey Rush, Eric Bana and Allison Janney will be back.

Story details for the movie have been kept under wraps, along with a release date.

Albert enjoyed critical acclaim for his villainous turn in 2011's Drive and will next appear in Judd Apatow's comedy This Is 40.

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