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Sunday 20 April 2014

Chastain: I fought for success

Jessica Chastain spent years as a jobbing actress before she got her big break

Jessica Chastain has revealed it's a "beautiful feeling" to receive critical acclaim after years as a struggling actress.

The Zero Dark Thirty star beat the likes of Helen Mirren, Naomi Watts and Marion Cotillard to collect the Golden Globe for Best Actress in the drama category.

"I've wanted to be an actor since I was a little girl, and I've worked for a really long time," she said at the ceremony.

"I've auditioned and struggled and fought and been on the sidelines for years, and to be here now in this moment, it's a beautiful feeling to receive this encouragement and support."

Meanwhile, Jessica's Zero Dark Thirty co-star Jason Clarke sang her praises on the red carpet.

The actor - who plays a fellow CIA agent in Kathryn Bigelow's depiction of the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden - said Jessica made acting easier for those around her.

"I've done three films with Jess. We knew each other when we were both unemployed actors in LA," he explained.

"She's an actor that makes your job easier. You know she's going to bring it, you know she's going to get something out of you, and it's easy."

The duo also starred together in last year's Lawless, as well as 2011's crime drama Texas Killing Fields.

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