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Sunday 20 April 2014

Che film starring Gerry Adams gets UK premiere

Our mock-up of Adams shows him looking 'beret' nice as his idol Che

Gerry Adams is starring alongside Hollywood hunk Antonio Banderas in a new movie about guerilla warrior Che Guevara.

The film, called Chevolution, was made by one of Adams’s friends, Trisha Ziff, who previously worked with him on a Bloody Sunday photo exhibition.

It examines the worldwide impact of the iconic Che photo that shows the bearded revolutionary glowering intensely into the distance with a single-starred beret tugged over his unruly locks.

Adams appears as himself in the documentary-style flick, which gets its UK premiere on Friday.

News broke that the movie was being made last year, when it was premiered at a New York film festival.

But this week, we can reveal what Adams says in the movie.

In his talking head role, Adams claims that Che’s iconic image fired Northern Ireland’s civil rights marches in 1968 with a revolutionary spirit before they exploded into the Troubles.

He adds that it also fuelled the Paris student riots and Vietnam War protests in the US.

“At that time everyone was exchanging bits and pieces,” says Adams.

And while the film flashes up a montage of gable-end murals in Belfast emblazoned with Che’s face, Adams adds: “I suppose people from my background were drawn to that image, because of what Che Guevara represented.”

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