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Sunday 31 August 2014

Comedy and music on Deacon's agenda

Adam Deacon is hoping to make a film about the urban music scene

Adam Deacon has revealed that he is working on a new comedy film - and that he also has plans for a movie about the urban music scene.

The British actor directed and starred in Anuvahood in 2011, an urban comedy about a would-be gangster, and said he had more humorous material in the pipeline.

"We're writing a comedy at the moment that will hopefully go into production," he said.

The former Mobos host revealed that he wanted to bring music to the big screen as well.

"We're also writing a drama-based film where we're going to incorporate the music scene. I feel so connected to the urban music side of things; a lot of them are my friends and I've seen them blow up over the last couple of years.

"I really want to incorporate music into a film, whether you call it a modern day musical or that kind of thing. I'm always looking for a new, inventive way of entertaining a young audience."

Adam, recently seen in gritty drama Comedown, has also brought his comic touch to Sky1 TV show Gates, in which he plays an unlikely young dad.

"It's a comedy set in a school, and I'm a young parent basically," he explained.

"The comedy aspect was that he looks like this street kid who wouldn't know anything about parenting, but actually he knows everything about it - the best pram to buy, what milk you should feed your baby. There was a real play on the whole stereotype of a street guy, I had a lot of fun on that."

:: Comedown is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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