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Friday 22 August 2014

Craig Roberts: I can't watch myself

Craig Roberts is in Berlin to promote his new film Comes A Bright Day

Craig Roberts has revealed he loathes watching himself on the big screen.

The Welsh actor, who was propelled to fame after starring in Richard Ayoade's coming-of-age drama Submarine, was in Berlin for the premiere of his latest film Comes A Bright Day.

"I hate watching myself. I hate most people and most actors, I hate myself even more," he told The Playlist.

"I don't like watching myself at all, I didn't watch the whole movie last night. I just came for the last 10 minutes, there were enough laughs in that last 10 minutes to boost my ego so that was fine."

Craig - who has lined up more work in the US - plans to team up again with Cillian Murphy, who he met on Rodrigo Cortes' thriller Red Lights. The duo want to collaborate on indie wartime film Wayfaring Strangers.

"I made really good friends with Cillian on it, I think we're going to do another movie together, a World War II movie," he said.

"I can never take anything seriously so it will probably be like Tropic Thunder. I think that may go this year, which will be pretty cool. It was supposed to go last year, in summertime, but it went through with funding - you know how independent movies are - so it's going this year."

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