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Sunday 1 February 2015

Dakota: My old movies are mementoes

Dakota Fanning said she likes watching her old movies
Dakota Fanning said she likes watching her old movies

Dakota Fanning has revealed watching old movies that she made as a child is like looking back at baby photos.

The 18-year-old actress has been acting since she was just five, starring in films such as I Am Sam, War Of The Worlds and Charlotte's Web, and insists she has no problem watching her own performances.

Dakota said: "Oh yeah, especially the ones from when I was younger. It's like, who is that? It's like home movies, or the naked baby photos, that's what I feel like it is because I'm like a different person. I'm so little.

"But I do actually enjoy watching the films because everyone puts so much work into it and I just want to see how everything turns out and I'm able to separate it a bit and enjoy."

In her latest film, Now Is Good, Dakota plays teenager Tessa, who decides to live her life in fast-forward after being diagnosed with Leukaemia, and complete a list of things to do before she dies. On her journey to lose her virginity she falls in love with a boy played by War Horse star Jeremy Irvine.

Dakota admitted the love story is a weepie, but said it is also funny and uplifting.

She said: "It's a weird thing for me because people definitely cry in the movie and I didn't know how I'd react.

"For Tessa she has to stay kind of strong and is a little bit hardened throughout the film until the end, so for me I feel like I was kind of that way.

"And on top of that it's kind of hard to cry at yourself in a movie. It's a bit weird. It doesn't seem right almost. But I definitely know many men have had something in their eye a few times."

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