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Monday 21 April 2014

Davies hopeful about Inbetweeners

Greg Davies stars in Channel 4 sitcom Man Down

Greg Davies wants his character to make a reappearance in the Inbetweeners movie sequel.

The comedian played a teacher, the vicious Mr Gilbert, in The Inbetweeners TV series and the 2011 hit film.

A follow-up film, starring Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison, as hapless teenagers was confirmed in the summer.

The first film, which saw the cast head off on a lads' holiday to Malia in Crete, was a massive commercial hit and raked in more than £13 million in its first weekend and also made millions in the DVD market - making it one of the most lucrative UK comedies ever.

"I'm hopeful that the psychopath will make an appearance," Greg told the Radio Times. "I love playing him - you can just take the character and run with it.

"Every school has a Mr Gilbert."

Greg plays an immature teacher in Man Down, a new Channel 4 sitcom which he has written and stars in.

The 45-year-old spent 13 years as a teacher before he turned his hand to comedy.

But Greg, who also appeared in BBC Three sitcom Cuckoo, said that in the event of his comedy work drying up he won't be rushing back to the classroom.

"I haven't maintained my qualifications and, after everything I've said over the years about teaching, I'm pretty sure the profession wouldn't have me back," he said.

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