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Ellen Page: Sexuality does not impact performance

Ellen Page has utterly dismissed Matt Damon's comments that gay actors' performances are better when they hide their sexuality.

The 28-year-old star came out on Valentine's Day last year (14) and has fully embraced her sexuality since, stepping out on the red carpet with her girlfriend Samantha Thomas in September (15) and taking on film roles close to her heart.

Matt, who has played gay characters on the big screen, including in 2013's Behind the Candelabra, recently said he believes some actors are more effective when their personal life is a mystery. Despite insisting he didn't mean to imply that homosexual stars should go back in the closet, Ellen is unimpressed.

"He doesn’t have a point because he related it to sexuality," she told

"Heterosexual actors and actresses do not have to go to great lengths to hide their sexuality. Yes, of course, keep your private life private. Protect yourself. Have boundaries. When you’re a public person, you need to think about your safety. But if it’s in relation to sexuality, then no - that’s an unfair double standard. Heterosexual people walk down the red carpet with their partners all the time, they talk about their children..."

Ellen felt as though a huge weight was lifted when she came out as gay and has noticed she's a lot more creative and happier in every area of her life since. If anything, the brunette beauty thinks being closeted was "destructive" to her work and left her uninspired.

Her latest movie is Freeheld, based on the true story of police officer Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore) who fought to ensure her pension was left to her domestic partner Stacie (Ellen) after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"(Julianne's) one of the best actors, ever, I think, and she is the most generous actor you could work with," Ellen gushed of her co-star. "Protective. Kind. She’s there every day with complete and utter excitement and delight because she loves her job."

The full interview with Ms Page is available on the Metro Weekly site.

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