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Saturday 19 April 2014

Enos: I loved being in Pitt family

Mireille Enos says she loved working with Brad Pitt on World War Z

Mireille Enos has said that starring opposite Brad Pitt in World War Z was "an awesome experience".

The Killing actress played Brad's character's wife in the zombie blockbuster and said she loved having the chance to be a part of his family.

She said: "Brad Pitt is wonderful. He is such a smart down-to-earth guy, and one of his special skills is making everybody around him feel comfortable.

"He's very warm; he is very collaborative, so it was an awesome experience being part of his family. He also has lots of opinions on every aspect of the filmmaking process and really wanted the family to be the centre of the story - he felt this was what would really make people care about it."

Mireille also revealed that it was looking likely there would be a World War Z sequel in the future.

She said: "It is in the pipeline; there are definite conversations about it. Our hope before shooting the first film was that there would be at least a sequel, but we wanted to see how well it was received first. Thankfully it has been a success so that conversation is now becoming more serious."

:: Mireille Enos stars in World War Z, which is out now on Blu Ray and DVD.

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