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Thursday 17 April 2014

Feig: Sandra, Melissa casting risky

Paul Feig directed Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat

Paul Feig has admitted he had to take a leap of faith in casting Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy together.

The pair star as a comedy cop duo in The Heat, but had not screen tested together before starting work.

Director Paul said: "Normally when I cast, I audition people, put them together, see if they have chemistry, but I couldn't as they're two big movie stars.

"So we hired them and going to the first rehearsal I was like, 'I hope they get along'. But the first time they read together you go, 'Wow, there's something there'."

Paul explained: "The two of them together, the image of that stuck in my head and I'm amazed that we pulled it off."

The director who also put together a strong female cast, which included Melissa, for Bridesmaids, said he loved working with funny women.

He said: "It's my favourite thing. If I only work with funny women again I'll be the happiest man in town. I just love the comedy of women. I really like to show them in roles they don't normally get to do in Hollywood and really try to right the wrongs of the fact that there aren't more roles like this for women, and there should be."

The Heat is released in cinemas on July 31.

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