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Thursday 10 July 2014

Filmmaker looks at Jesus' rebirth

A Second Son is the work of British filmmaker Allistair Mitchell

A Christmas movie with a twist is being released online by a British filmmaker today, hoping to stir up controversy with a "leak" about the rebirth of Jesus.

A Second Son is part video diary by a scared pregnant British teenager, and part FBI intelligence video about the scrap between governments and terrorist organisations to get their hands on her baby.

Filmed in the UK by first-time director Allistair Mitchell and released by Compatibility Pictures, it claims to tap into existing conspiracy theories.

Allistair said: "We did a survey ahead of the film's release and found that 55 per cent of Britons and Americans believed that if Jesus was born today the government would try to control or kill him.

"A Second Son claims Jesus was born sometime in the last twelve months and although the film does not disclose where this occurred, it reveals events leading up to his coming."

The film is available to watch online at

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