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Saturday 23 August 2014

Fourth Jurassic Park 'coming soon'

Directors Peter Jackson, left, and Steven Spielberg showed off footage of their action story The Adventures of Tintin (AP)

Steven Spielberg has revealed that a fourth Jurassic Park film may only be a few years away.

Spielberg told an audience at the Comic-Con fan convention in San Diego on Friday that he has a story and a screenwriter for the next instalment of his blockbuster franchise about prehistoric reptiles brought into modern times through cloning.

The film-maker directed the first two Jurassic Park adventures but will be overseeing as a producer this time.

He said the film will hopefully come together in the next two or three years.

It was Spielberg's first trip to the Comic-Con event, where the director and his producing partner, Peter Jackson, showed off footage of their action story The Adventures of Tintin.

For fans at Comic-Con, there is no bigger dream team than the two blockbuster film-makers, but Paramount Pictures had kept under wraps that Jackson would join Spielberg for a panel offering a preview of the film.

The Adventures of Tintin is due to be released in later this year.

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