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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Garson: I'd do SATC until I'm 90

White Collar actor Willlie Garson is best known for his SATC role
White Collar actor Willlie Garson is best known for his SATC role

Willie Garson admitted he would love to do more Sex And The City, but he's not sure what could possibly happen to his character next, after he tied the knot in SATC2.

The White Collar star played Carrie's gay best friend Stanford Blatch in the hit TV show and spin-off movies, and said he would certianly appear in a third film, if one was written.

Willie said: "Because the piece is basically just about people living their lives and surprises happen - I never would have thought that Stanford would have gotten married - so I don't know what the next thing would be. Having a baby I guess, but that would be cliche.

"Whatever it is, the writers never let us down, over 15 years, so if they wanted to write something and everyone could do it, great I'd do it 'til I was 90, but, I have no idea."

Sarah Jessica Parker revealed last year that SATC executive producer Michael Patrick King had mentioned an idea for a third movie, but said "that would be the last."

Willie said: "There's never been a phone call, there's never been a discussion about it, so I have no idea.

"We really don't have any idea or thought about it, we're all pretty busy, I can't imagine how they could do it."

The 48-year-old actor currently stars as conman Mozzie in hit US drama White Collar, who with his best friend Neal, played by Matt Bomer, has teamed up with FBI agent Peter to help solve crimes, in return for convicted conman Neal being allowed to stay out of prison.

::White Collar airs on Alibi on Tuesdays at 10pm.

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