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Sunday 29 March 2015

Goode's Burning Man script surprise

Matthew Goode plays a father in Burning Man
Matthew Goode plays a father in Burning Man

Matthew Goode has confessed he was slightly offended when the producers of Burning Man told him they had found him the perfect role - playing what seemed like an "absolute git".

The Watchmen star plays a grieving father in the raw new film, and admitted he took a while to warm to his character.

"I worked on Leap Year with Anand Tucker and he went to film school with Jonathan Teplitzky and Andy Paterson who produced Hilary And Jackie, Anand's film.

"They thought I'd be a good fit and then I read the script, I read the first 10 pages and thought, 'You thought I'd be perfect to play this absolute git who seemingly is cheating on his wife and his life is in sort of chaos?'" he recalled.

"But then you start to realise that the narrative structure's very structured and actually he's lost his wife to cancer and this is how he's reacting and he's a very mercurial father and it's quite sad. It's like a Beaches for a new generation, without the sort of melodramatic rubbish involved."

Despite his pride in the new film, Matthew - who was announced this week as the new Jameson Cult Film Club Ambassador - isn't planning on taking his three-year-old daughter Matilda along to see it.

"Burning Man has a lot of daddy doing some interesting positions with women so I think that might shock or damage her a little bit. She'll have to wait until she's a lot older - or maybe never see that one!" he said.

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