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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Gosling shows moves in new film

Ryan Gosling's dance moves made the final cut of The Place Beyond The Pines

Ryan Gosling's larking around between takes on The Place Beyond The Pines ended up making the final cut, the film's director has revealed.

The Blue Valentine star plays a motorcycle stunt rider turned bank robber in the new film from Derek Cianfrance, who decided to include a clip of Ryan dancing.

He told Collider: "There's a moment in the movie where Ryan and (co-star) Ben Mendelsohn, after robbing the bank, are celebrating. In the script I had a three-page scene of them counting the money.

"We were about ready to shoot and Ryan put on Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen, just to bring up the mood of the room and my cinematographer picked up the camera and started shooting and this beautiful moment happened. Ryan was dancing with this little dog with his tail between his legs and Ben with no shirt on dancing in the best way."

Derek continued: "The song ended and we did the scene, we spent five hours working on the scene and then in the editing room there was nothing like the freshness of that first moment, we just cut out the rest of the scene, forgot about the dialogue and let ourselves just be surprised by that moment that happened between two actors."

Derek also confessed that he feared for Ryan's safety while shooting another scene in which the character is embroiled in a police chase after the robbery.

"He had to ride away from the police officer at like 50 miles an hour and blow through an intersection where we had 36 cars passing," he said.

"Each time Ryan blew through that intersection I felt like he was going to get hit and every time I watch the movie I feel like he's going to get hit, but we had to keep going until we had it complete."

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