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Saturday 19 April 2014

Groff: Singing helped Frozen voice

Jonathan Groff and Kristen Bell voice the lead characters in Frozen

Jonathan Groff has revealed that his singing background boosted his performance in Frozen.

The 28-year-old, who voices mountain man Kristoff in Disney's 3D movie, started his career in musicals such as Fame, Spring Awakening and Hair before he won the role of Jesse St James in Glee, opposite his Spring Awakening co-star Lea Michele.

"I love to sing and I started doing musicals in New York, which is how I got my start. And then I got to do Glee, where I got to sing and I got to sing a little song in this movie as well," he said.

"I like that continuity and I love to keep singing. It's interesting because on this, you're telling the entire story just through your voice so that's where all the focus is put. All the training I have from my theatre background or from doing TV is informed in the work even though you're just trying to express yourself vocally."

Jonathan joked that there are physical similarities between his character and him, saying: "I have very thick thighs. You can't see them now but I am of the thicker-bodied guy so the first time I saw Kristoff, I thought, 'Oh good, it's someone that looks a little bit more like me'. He's a mountain man but he's also got a softer side too."

He admitted it was a "surreal" experience when he first saw the finished film with co-star Kristen Bell, who lends her voice to Princess Anna.

"They videotape you while you're saying the lines in the movie. When I saw the movie, it was truly surreal. Every now and then, it would jump out at me that this is the face I make," he said.

:: Frozen opens in cinemas on December 6.

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