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Saturday 12 July 2014

Harrison Ford ready for Indy 5

Harrison Ford would love to link up with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for another Indiana Jones film

Harrison Ford is keen to appear in a fifth Indiana Jones film.

It's been well documented that Star Wars and Indy producer George Lucas gave the 65-year-old actor his first big break in American Graffiti, when he was just a struggling actor and making a living as a carpenter.

Harrison said of Indiana Jones: "If there's a good idea, I'd love to play that character again, I'd love to work with Steven [Spielberg] and George again."

Meanwhile, the Hollywood star plays a grumpy, jaded news reporter forced to host a breakfast TV show in new comedy Morning Glory, out this weekend.

Morning Glory producer JJ Abrams (the creator of Lost) had Harrison in mind for the part all along.

He said: "We tend to think of Harrison as the action hero, as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but he has always been extremely funny as well. It's just been a long time since he's had a great comic role."

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