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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Hatcher: I'm up for Housewives film

Teri Hatcher is keen to be part of a Desperate Housewives movie

Teri Hatcher has admitted she'd love to be a part of a Desperate Housewives movie.

The 48-year-old actress starred alongside Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross in the hit US TV series following the lives, loves and drama of the women of Wisteria Lane, which ended in 2012 after eight seasons.

She told The Sun she would be up for reprising her role as Susan Mayer for the big screen, saying: "I certainly would be. I never felt like all the stories were done when it wrapped up. I felt like it still had life."

Teri, who stars in Disney animated movie Planes as forklift truck Dottie, hinted that the film could be set before the death of Susan's husband Mike (played by James Denton).

"Of course, they killed Mike. I don't know what the story would be for Susan and how she could divorce herself from the sadness of how that ended for her. Maybe the movie would be before Mike died," she said.

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry said last year a movie spin-off was unlikely as he felt eight seasons have given the ABC series time to "plumb the depths" of the characters.

He contrasted Desperate Housewives with Sex And The City, which had fewer episodes and followed its HBO run with two big-screen movies. Referring to Sex And The City 2, which was set in the Middle East and received largely negative reviews, Marc quipped: "I'm just never sending these gals to Dubai."

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