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Monday 21 April 2014

Jensen: My son hates my make-up

Ashley Jensen is part of the cast of All Stars

Ashley Jensen has said there is one drawback to starring in Hollywood films - her son is scared of the make-up she has to wear.

The All Stars actress, who made a name for herself as socially awkward Maggie in Extras, said her three-year-old son Francis doesn't like it when she gets dolled up for roles or red carpet events.

She said: "He's not too keen when a make-up [person] comes around and starts putting tongs in my hair or puts make up on. He goes, 'Mummy I'm not keen on you with that face on because you don't look like Mummy.

"He's not used to seeing Mummy with high heels on and eyeliner and make-up on. I'm not like Posh Spice in my every day mother life."

The mum-of-one, who plays youth centre worker Gina in the comedy, said she looked to her young co-stars Akai and Theo Stevenson for some tips on the dancefloor.

Ashley admitted: "I did ask the choreographer to show me the simplest moves, 'What was the one you can start with? What was that?' and I wasn't very good at all.

"I just am not. I call it more freestyle, I'm much more of a free spirit when I dance rather than [the choreographed moves in the film]... it all sounds a bit too technical for me. But it's just amazing to watch."

:: All Stars is released on May 3.

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