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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Machete Kills is 'non-stop action'

Mel Gibson, Robert Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Danny Trejo, and Alexa Vega pose at the premiere of Machete Kills

Machete star Danny Trejo says the sequel is so intense it will make the first installment look like a film for children.

Danny resumes his role as ex-Federale Machete Cortez in the second outing for the high-octane caper and says it's even better second time around.

In Machete Kills, Danny's character is recuited by the US government to battle his way through Mexico to take down an arms dealer who wants to launch a weapon into space.

It stars Charlie Sheen as the US president, as well as Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba and Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere, Danny said he was excited to return to the role because of his co-stars.

"It was awesome and so much fun, look at the cast, it was great. It is non-stop action, this one makes the first one look like a kiddie's movie."

Asked about starring opposite Colombian bombshell Sofia, Danny said: "She's funny, she's beautiful and she's hot."

Director Robert Rodriguez said it was not too hard to get so many megastars on board because they were all such fans of the first movie.

"It's a bigger movie, it's more fun, it's really crazy and the cast in insane.

"I got them because they were fans of the first Machete, Machete did all the work.

"I called them up and they said they loved the movie and would be in it because they knew they would be in something fun and larger than life and that is why it worked."

The movie also stars Mel Gibson, who paid tribute to the Latino fans of the films.

"I think the studios understand that the biggest film-going audidence in the USA is Hispanic, and if you take in Mexico and South America they are huge audiences so it's smart. It makes economic sense."

The movie will be out in the UK on October 11.

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