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Mandy Moore confused by Tangled movie plot

Mandy Moore kept having the plot for new Disney movie Tangled explained to her when she was making the film.

The singer-and-actress voices the character of Rapunzel in the movie, which is the famous film studio’s 50th animation. It is a new take on the classic tale of a girl stolen from her parents and imprisoned in a tower. She decides to let her hair grow until it can reach the ground from the turret she lives in.

Mandy was surprised she didn’t get to work with other stars of the film, such as Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy, because they shot scenes at different times. She also voiced parts of the film out of sync, meaning she often lost track of what was happening.

“I was lucky enough to get to rely on [directors] Byron Howard and Nathan Greno because they must have told me the story 800 times. Every time I went in there I felt they were like, ‘Now this is the part, remember, where Rapunzel and Flynn are running from the walls of water...’ I was like, ‘Oh, OK,’” she laughed to Cover Media. “But again, until you actually see things on the big screen, that’s when it all came together. Because I was like, ‘A horse, with a sword? Really? OK guys, I trust you!’”

It didn’t help matters that Mandy never actually saw a full script of the film. Due to the way it was shot things were constantly changing, although she is thrilled with the outcome.

“I never saw a full script, no. Probably because the way I would work, coming into the sessions, is – you only work for four or five hours. Although that is a long period of time, there’s so much to do and so many different ways to go about delivering any line of dialogue that you would only get through certain portions of the film,” she said. “I would go into work and we would only be concentrating on certain parts of the film, and really skipping around too. I never read anything front to back.”

Tangled is released in the UK on January 28.

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