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Monday 22 December 2014

Martin Sheen had fun on TV show

Martin Sheen said he loved working on his son's show
Martin Sheen said he loved working on his son's show

Martin Sheen has revealed that he had a "wonderful" experience on his son Charlie Sheen's TV show Anger Management.

The 71-year-old played Charlie's screen dad on the new FX series, which premiered on US screens last week.

"I had a wonderful time. They're a great bunch and they just made it a lot of fun," said the actor.

The show's debut on June 28 had record-breaking ratings, becoming the most-watched scripted comedy broadcast in cable history, excluding children's programming.

The debut managed to attract 5.47 million viewers, while a second episode later that evening averaged a total of 5.74 million viewers.

Martin currently stars in The Amazing Spider-Man as Uncle Ben Parker opposite Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and revealed he is up for reprising the big-screen role.

"I'd do it again if they had a prequel," he said.

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