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Monday 21 April 2014

McAvoy pulls a disappearing act

James McAvoy said he's planning to 'disappear' again soon

James McAvoy has revealed he enjoys escaping from the limelight when he's not promoting a film.

The Scottish star plans to pull another disappearing act once he is done with his Macbeth stage role and his next two films, British thriller Welcome To The Punch, and Danny Boyle's Trance.

"It's fairly full on but I promise I'll disappear again. It is important for me to disappear and so audiences don't get sick of you and also to allow time for you to grow so you don't get caught doing the same thing again and again," he said.

The 33-year-old admitted that he can be choosy with his jobs.

"I think I drive my agents nuts sometimes in that I'm a wee bit picky. I've been very lucky not to retrace my steps too much. Fingers crossed that will continue," he continued.

James, who is dad to two-year-old son Brendan with actress wife Anne-Marie Duff, tries to balance parenthood with his working life.

"We don't leave the kid in the arms of family, which is lovely to do a little bit, but we want to be parents. So that's part of it," he said.

The actor also admitted that he's still open to different types of roles despite becoming a dad: "I turned down a role three years ago about a couple who lose a kid at three months old. They came back to me 10 months ago and said, 'Do you want to do it now?' It changed me for a minute. I don't think I'd do something about kids being abused but that's about it."

:: Welcome To The Punch is in cinemas now, while Trance is released on March 27.

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