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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Moore didn't identify with bad mum

Julianne Moore made a brief visit to Cannes as the face of a cosmetics brand

Julianne Moore sometimes identifies with the characters she plays but when it came to playing a bad mother in What Maisie Knew, she couldn't relate.

In the recently released film, Julianne portrays a rock-star mum going through a bitter divorce who's having trouble connecting to her six-year-old daughter, Maisie.

The role couldn't have been farther from her heart. Julianne, who has a 15-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter, said motherhood was something that came easily for her and a role she always craved since she was a little girl.

"I thought, 'I don't know if I will get married, but I do want to have children'," Moore said in an interview at the Cannes Film Festival. "I said, 'I'm going to have a boy and a girl.' You know, all those ridiculous fantasies that you have when you're 10 years old - for me, the fact that that came true, it's kind of unbelievable."

It's partly because of her devotion to her family that her time in Cannes was decidedly brief, as she wanted to be home in time to see her son play guitar in his school jazz band and for another event involving her daughter.

"I don't go away for long periods of time," she explained.

But the other reason for her short stay was because she wasn't in Cannes to promote a movie at all. Neither What Maisie Knew nor her other new film, The English Teacher, was featured in the festival.

Instead, Julianne, 52, is one of several L'Oreal spokeswomen brought in by the cosmetics company for the festival - others include actresses Freida Pinto and Eva Longoria.

"In a weird kind of way, there might even be more pressure on the red carpet because you're representing a beauty brand," Julianne said, laughing. "But it's fun."

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