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Monday 21 April 2014

Nolan's £1,000 bet on losing weight

20-stone shock jock gambles on losing five of them in six months

Presenter Stephen Nolan is to wager £1,000 on himself to lose five stone in six months

Roly-poly presenter Stephen Nolan is putting his money where his famous mouth is - and wagering £1,000 on himself to lose five stone in six months.

The 20 and a half stone Belfast man (right) vowed to place the bet yesterday after local bookmaker Adrian Eastwood said on air that he would give him 33-1 odds that he couldn't dump the excess weight within the short timescale.

Mr Eastwood said on Nolan's live BBC radio show: "With a wee bit of determination you could lose two pounds a week - which would come to about 50 pounds.

"Come on, how much do you want to win? Never mind that - how much do you want to lose five stone?"

At first, 34-year old Nolan laughingly responded by saying he would bet on his own success: "I might put a grand on it - I'll wipe you out.

"In fact, I might put £2,000 on it."

Then Mr Eastwood joked: "Well, we can always change the odds after the first bet."

Nolan stands to make a cool £33,000 if he reaches his target.

Meanwhile, as Nolan's weight loss supporters phoned in to the show with stories of having their breakfast porridge without sugar to show their solidarity with him, Mr Eastwood confirmed his challenging odds.

The well upholstered Mr Nolan, who has been battling with his weight for some time now, concluded: "Are you serious? Are you really serious? " Thank you - I'm putting a grand on it!"

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