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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Oscars don't mean much for Cooper

Bradley Cooper said his dad's death changed his perspective on things

Bradley Cooper has revealed that he didn't mind missing out on an Oscar, because his father's death has put life into perspective.

The US actor, who was up for a best actor gong following his performance in Silver Linings Playbook, admitted that even if he had won the award over Daniel Day-Lewis, "it would change nothing", because he had already experienced his father's last breath.

"Death became very real. And very tangible. Because my father - someone who had been in my life for 36 years - is just f****** gone. I watched him dying and I was there by his bed watching him, breathing with him and then I saw his last breath and he was gone," he told GQ.

"I experienced the whole thing. And that was a watershed moment that I was privileged to experience. And it changed everything. Nothing has been the same since."

Bradley continued: "You know William Blake's Songs Of Innocence? Well, right there, in that moment, the innocence was gone. Done. Never to return. The beauty is that I just don't sweat s*** any more."

The 38-year-old nursed his dad through lung cancer before he died at the age of 71 two years ago.

"My father gave me two gifts - having me and dying with me. I used to be the kid that got the shakes if I had to talk in public. Now, I just don't get nervous about stuff," he said.

"I can't control everything. I watched my father die and I realised that is the way we are all going to die. For me, it was a switch from knowing something intellectually to knowing it by tangibly experiencing it."

The full interview will be in the April issue of GQ, which is out on Thursday.

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