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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Owen: Trust movie tough to make

Clive Owen said Trust was hard to make because he has kids
Clive Owen said Trust was hard to make because he has kids

Clive Owen has admitted his new film about sexual predators was "tough" to make because he is a parent in real life.

The father-of-two stars in David Schwimmer's film Trust, about a girl who is targeted by an online sexual predator.

Speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival where the movie will have its premiere, he said: "It's a very tough subject and as a parent myself it was very close to me so, um... it was a tough film to make because it's a tough subject."

The Duplicity star said of the movie: "A large portion of the film is how a family is ripped apart really, the huge sense of loss and pain, I thought it was a very tough brutal look. It's not a cliche version where everybody comes together and we all love each other and stagger through it, it ruptures them and tests them. As a parent I found the idea of that very, very upsetting and that's why I wanted to do the film and explore the real horror and pain of that.

"It was a very powerful script and it was particularly resonant with me because I've got two girls that are hitting that Facebook age really, it's the time when they're beginning all that and I've got concerns like every parent. I thought this was a really strong examination of something we should all be careful and a little worried about."

Clive added: "You don't want to over-monitor your children but I think there has to be concerns. The minute my eldest daughter joined Facebook she had a number of messages from people she didn't know wanting to become friends, this film examines that concern."

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