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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Paris Hilton settles film lawsuit

Paris Hilton has settled a lawsuit over the promotion of her movie flop Pledge This!

Paris Hilton's lawyers have settled a lawsuit that claimed the star didn't do enough to promote her 2006 movie Pledge This!

Court papers filed in Miami indicate a settlement was reached last week.

No terms were announced and final documents must be filed by November 11.

Paris's spokeswoman and an attorney for the movie's investors had no immediate comment.

The investors originally sued the 29-year-old actress and celebrity socialite for 8.3 million dollars.

But after a trial, a federal judge ruled they could not collect that much.

Earlier this year, the judge said Paris could be liable for about 160,000 dollars.

Paris insisted in trial testimony that she did all she could to promote Pledge This!

The sorority romp was a box-office flop.

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