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Thursday 24 April 2014

Peter Kay creation Tyrone Geraldine wins X Faxtor chart battle

Peter Kay in the guise of Ulster transsexual Geraldine

Peter Kay’s Ulster-inspired comic creation has won the battle of reality shows by charting above former X Factor winner Leon Jackson.

Billed by commentators as ‘The Battle of the X Factor', the comedian's single The Winners Song, taken from his new comedy series Britain's Got the Pop Factor, in which he satirises TV talent shows, charted at number two.

In the end, Scottish-born Jackson's effort Don't Call This Love only managed a third place, this despite a live performance on last week's X Factor show.

However, both Brits were scuppered by punky Pennsylvanian pop star Pink who spent a third consecutive week at number one with her single So What.

Kay narrowly misses out on his third number one single after his previous Comic Relief charity collaborations with Tony Christie and The Proclaimers.

Performing in the character of Geraldine, an overweight Tyrone transsexual, his lyrics and performance ape the rags to riches yarns of many of the X Factor contestants.

A spokesman for Polydor, Kay's record label, said: “We're delighted we've won the battle of the X Factor.

“I don't know what Simon Cowell is feeling right now but I know mid-week he wasn't happy with us because he's thrown a lot of weight behind Leon Jackson and gave him a real push.”

Geraldine sent her own message of consolation to Leon Jackson. She said: “Leon is a lovely wee boy, he's a Scottish Michael Buble. There's enough room for everybody.

“I never knew he had a song because I've been in hospital all week — he's not number one though is he? Isn't it Pink? I love Pink, although I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her.”

Oasis were knocked off the top of the album chart after only a week at number one by Keane's new entry Perfect Symmetry.

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