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Friday 18 April 2014

Pitt: Re-shoot decision was painful

Brad Pitt has admitted it felt "abysmal" when he realised that the end of his new film World War Z needed to be re-shot.

After the filmmakers and Paramount executives screened the film, it was decided that the third act - a large-scale battle with the zombies in Moscow's Red Square, filmed in Budapest - didn't work.

"It was abysmal," said Brad, who stars in and produced the movie.

"It was really painful. What it means is that after you've put in that much work, you go, 'Oh, we're so far away'," he said of having to do a 20 million dollar re-shoot.

"It just means we've got a lot more to go. You go home, you have one too many beers and you get up the next day and you go, 'OK. This is what we got to do'."

The Hollywood star said that he wanted to wait before signing up to make a World War Z sequel, adding he's "not really the franchise kind of guy".

"We spent so much time on this. We've got so many good story lines stemming from the book or inspired by the book and then just generated from our own powwows.

"It might still be fun. We've got enough material, that's for sure. We'll see, we'll see how this works, we'll see how everyone feels afterwards."

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