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Monday 21 April 2014

Proclaimers moved by musical

Charlie Reid from The Proclaimers performs during the 20th T in the Park music festival at Kinross

The Proclaimers have told how they found it emotional to watch a film based on their music on the big screen.

Sunshine On Leith was originally a theatre show but has been transformed into a musical movie that tells the story of two soldiers returning from Afghanistan to an uncertain future in Scotland.

Famous songs originally written and performed by twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid, such as I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles), Letter From America and I'm On My Way, form key parts of the film which is set in and around Edinburgh.

The film, which is directed by English actor Dexter Fletcher, had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month and received many positive reviews.

Speaking at the UK premiere in Edinburgh, Craig Reid said: "It's fantastic, this started as a stage show in 2007 so it's been a long time in the making.

"The stage show did three different tours and eventually it was decided to do a film, and to have the UK premiere tonight is fantastic."

Charlie added: "The first time I watched it I was choking up with remembering the songs, it was overwhelming. The songs have been taken apart and rebuilt with great orchestration and singing and it takes the music in a direction we just couldn't."

The film opens across the country on October 4 and tourism bosses hope the musical can attract more visitors to Scotland and Edinburgh.

Charlie said: "It showcases Edinburgh at it's very best I think, when you watch the film you wouldn't believe it ever rains in Edinburgh and you wouldn't believe they ever tried to build a tram either, it looks pristine.

"The only down side was coming out of a showing in Toronto, a lady said, 'it should've had subtitles', so maybe they'll do that if they show it abroad, but to me it's just great."

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