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Friday 18 April 2014

Rogen: I wanted to be a crazy guy

Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jay Baruchel all play versions of themselves in This Is The End

Seth Rogen has revealed he would have liked to play himself as a "crazy dude" in This Is The End.

Instead, the Canadian comedian portrays himself as a people-pleaser in the ensemble comedy, which also marks his debut as a director alongside writing partner Evan Goldberg.

"People think they know everything about you based on the characters you play. So we thought it would be funny to play into that - to have these characters that behave in the way that everybody thinks is what we're like off-screen. There are elements of our real selves, but we all twisted them or exaggerated them to make it funny," he said.

The apocalyptic-set film, which opens on June 28, stars Seth, James Franco, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson, with cameos from Rihanna, Michael Cera and Emma Watson, all "playing themselves".

Seth, who also wrote and produced the movie, admitted he wasn't happy with his own alter-ego.

"He seems super nice, but all he does is try to make everybody happy - he's full of BS and very duplicitous. He's spineless - he tells everybody what they want to hear and wants everyone to get along for his own benefit," he said.

"He's definitely the least fun character in the movie - everybody else gets to act crazy in one way or another. I'd rather have played a crazy dude, but it was right for me to play the emotional core."

The 31-year-old praised his fellow Canadian co-star Michael for playing someone "nothing like himself".

"Michael Cera is nothing like that. We thought it would be funny to see him play not only against type, but so far against what he was like in real life. And it was - he took it way beyond where we thought it could go," he said.

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