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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Roger Moore tops charts for Bond who’s had the most Illicit Encounters

Bond Beauties... 17th August 1984: Film star Roger Moore (James Bond) and the Bond Girls from the film 'View to a Kill' directed by John Glen. (Photo by Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Images)Back row - right in front of flowers on the left - is Celine Cawley.

Extra-marital dating site carried out research to discover which on screen James Bond is the biggest ladies man, with Roger Moore coming up top.

The actor who starred in seven Bond films found his character bedded a total of 19 beauties throughout his time playing 007. Sean Connery’s Bond followed Moore, sleeping with 15 Bond Girls throughout his six films playing the lead. Pierce Brosnan took third place for biggest Bond ladies man where his 007 enjoyed nine gorgeous women during his four movies.

James Bond is well known as a lothario, sleeping with beautiful women in the most passionate, luxurious and sometimes amusing scenarios. Sean Connery’s Bond even enjoys an implied ménage à trois with two gypsy women. In fact Bond isseen to sleep with 52 women over the course of the 22 completed films, on average bedding 2.36 stunning women per film. Bond’s 52 women reveal that the average British man falls short; according to Health Survey for the UK in 2011 men average 9.3 sexual partners.

Daniel Craig has, so far, had the least action between the sheets playing Bond – he is seen to be intimate with only two women on screen in his two films - followed by George Lazenby and then Timothy Dalton. However, not only does Craig have the opportunity to raise his number of sexual conquests as Bond in the highly awaited SkyFall, he also comes top for the most desirable James Bond.

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