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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Roth: I don't like watching myself

Tim Roth doesn't like to watch himself in movies

Tim Roth has revealed that he doesn't usually watch his own films.

The London-born actor, who has starred in Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Rob Roy, admitted that he prefers to distance himself from his big-screen outings once he has completed his work.

"I don't often watch the films that I'm in but I wanted to see Broken because of Eloise Laurence, who plays the central character Skunk. I know what I look like," he said.

"I stopped watching quite some time ago, probably about eight years ago or so, and I've been quite successful at it. Occasionally I've seen them and I don't read reviews, good or bad, so I tend to remove myself from it and concentrate on the job."

Tim admitted that sometimes his three sons will persuade him otherwise.

"Occasionally I'll watch them and sometimes my kids make me watch it with them, but I tend not to," he added.

Broken, directed by Rufus Norris, marks Tim's first British film in nearly 10 years. The 51-year-old admitted that he sometimes brought his own experiences as a real-life dad to his portrayal of father-of-two Archie in the drama.

"There are moments when I'll get the dad voice out. At one point, Archie shouts at his daughter and I thought, 'I'll bring out the dad voice'," he joked.

"There are elements of it definitely that you can bring your own experiences to, but I wouldn't know how to handle a daughter so that was a new one for me. After a while, I was a bit overly paternal to Eloise. We were all amazed by this kid because she had never acted before."

:: Broken opens in cinemas on March 8.

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