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Monday 21 April 2014

R-Patz and Mia film car park kiss

Robert Pattinson has been filming Map To The Stars with Mia Wasikowska

Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska have been snapped filming a passionate love scene in a car park for their new film Map To The Stars.

The Twilight hunk and the Alice In Wonderland star were pictured lying on a pavement in Los Angeles as they groped and kissed each other for the steamy scene.

Mia, who wore a skin-tight black outfit with long black leather gloves burst out laughing at one point as the awkwardness got too much. And the pair were seen talking and joking together as they composed themselves for the scene.

The David Cronenberg film, about the trappings of Hollywood, stars Robert as a limousine driver and aspiring actor who befriends pyromaniac Agatha, played by Mia.

Robert, 27, is used to filming intimate scenes, as he and ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart played tragic lovers in the hit Twilight franchise.

The British actor recently told German magazine Interview he found obsessive Twilight fans disturbing.

He is quoted as saying: "What's really weird about Twilight fans is that they're not really teenagers. Most of them are older. Twilight has its own fan culture that existed from day one. And in an intense way that didn't exist before.

"Sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day. They sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight."

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