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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Scodelario: I can do fun films

Kaya Scodelario enjoyed working with Dakota Fanning

Kaya Scodelario has revealed how she relished doing teenage drama Now Is Good.

The 19-year-old, who has had her fill of heavy dramas, following her performances in E4 TV series Skins and her starring turn in Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights, next stars in the big-screen adaptation of Jenny Downham's novel, Before I Die.

"It was a very fun, teenage film, which is something I never expected to do. And it was great!" she admitted.

"It was so nice not having to swear or cry hysterically - it was just a really nice friendship film."

Kaya described her co-star Dakota Fanning, who plays 16-year-old cancer sufferer Tessa, as "incredible".

"It was great working with Dakota. I have watched her growing up on screen and I have always admired her," she said.

"It's strange to think she is only 17. She's the most professional person I've ever met my life, she is incredible. She knew every single member of crew, she knew every line, she was just really focused on the job. I think it's brilliant that a 17-year-old can do that."

The actress - who had no acting experience before winning her Skins role - enjoyed the experience of working with someone who is known as a "veteran" in the film industry.

"It was interesting to see what it would be like working with someone like that. She's obviously American and I'm British, so we have different styles. It was fine," she added.

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