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Saturday 28 May 2016

Sheridan star struck by Kula Shaker

Published 10/10/2011

Sheridan Smith was starstruck by Crispian Mills
Sheridan Smith was starstruck by Crispian Mills

Sheridan Smith has confessed she was starstruck when she worked on a film directed by former Kula Shaker frontman Crispian Mills.

The 30-year-old actress stars alongside Simon Pegg in Crispian's directorial debut A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, and revealed she was a fan of the Hush singer when she was younger.

Sheridan said: "I loved working with Simon Pegg. He's a genius, and I only did a day on the film but I was like a sponge and just watched him and took in how he does it all.

"And the director of the movie is the lead singer of Kula Shaker and I actually went to Doncaster dome when I was a kid and watched him because I used to be a Kula Shaker fan. So I was very starstruck on that set."

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