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Sunday 3 May 2015

Skyfall 'made Britons feel proud'

Naomie Harris, who starred in the latest James Bond film Skyfall, stands next to an East Coast train named after the movie
Naomie Harris, who starred in the latest James Bond film Skyfall, stands next to an East Coast train named after the movie

Bond blockbuster Skyfall has given the people of Britain an excuse to "wave the British flag and feel proud", according to the franchise's latest Miss Moneypenny.

Actress Naomie Harris was in Edinburgh promoting the DVD release of the movie, which has become the highest grossing UK film in history.

She travelled to Scotland on a specially commissioned train decked out with artwork from the film, and permanently named Skyfall in honour of the movie's success.

"I never thought that I would see my face on the side of a train," she said. "It's a once in a lifetime experience, and it's beautiful what they have done."

She put the success of the movie down to Team GB's triumphs at last year's Olympic Games, and the enduring love for the MI6 agent that celebrated his 50th anniversary on the screen with Skyfall.

"It's part of the very pro-British feeling that happened as a result of the Olympics and Paralympics, and I think that wave of enthusiasm for Britain actually followed over," she said. "Also, because it's the 50th anniversary, and because Skyfall is so based in Britain this time rather than glamorous far-flung parts of the world, it feels even more British and gave people another excuse to wave the British flag and feel proud."

Harris revealed she would love to surpass the screen career of original Moneypenny actress Lois Maxwell, who manned the MI6 desk for over 20 years.

"That's quite some record," she said. "I'd love that, but who knows."

However, she remained tight-lipped over who should replace Daniel Craig once his tenure as Bond has come to an end.

"For me Daniel is the best Bond so I wouldn't like to make that decision," she said.

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