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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Soderbergh up for Cold War remake

Steven Soderbergh will apparently direct The Man From UNCLE
Steven Soderbergh will apparently direct The Man From UNCLE

Steven Soderbergh is in talks to direct the adaptation of 1960s TV series The Man From UNCLE, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, whose credits include the Oceans Eleven movies, Erin Brockovich, Traffic and Solaris, has been approached about the Warner Bros film, which has been in development since the 1990s.

The Cold War-set spy series, co-created by James Bond author Ian Fleming, follows US and Russian members of a secret agency called the United Network Command For Law And Enforcement.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wedding Crashers filmmaker David Dobkin had been attached to direct but has decided that he'll only be involved as a producer, along with John Davis.

Soderbergh already has his diary full with the film Haywire, which stars Ewan McGregor and Michael Douglas, and virus thriller Contagion, featuring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Kate Winslet, so will not have the time to direct until the end of next year.

Scott Z Burns, who wrote Soderbergh's The Informant! and Contagion, is negotiating to join the remake as writer.

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