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Friday 29 August 2014

Solemani not afraid of getting nude

Sarah Solemani starred in Mrs Henderson Presents

Sarah Solemani has revealed her nude scene in her first film role keeps coming back to haunt her.

The Him And Her star made her big screen debut while she was still at university, playing one of the cabaret girls in Mrs Henderson Presents, alongside Dame Judi Dench and Will Young.

Sarah giggled: "People are fascinated by the nudity. They always play it at Christmas and I get these texts saying, 'I'm with my entire family watching you completely naked, Merry Christmas!'."

But the 30-year-old actress is no shrinking violet as she strips naked and jumps in the sea in her new one-off comedy for Sky, Aphrodite Fry, which she wrote herself and filmed in November.

Sarah said: "It was freezing! I was like, 'Why have I written that? I'm insane, why didn't I just have us sitting on a sun lounger?'."

The actress also has a role with Steve Coogan in The Look Of Love, about Soho porn king Paul Raymond. She plays Anna, the manager of nude dancing club the Raymond Revuebar.

Sarah joked: "It's funny that with Mrs Henderson set in The Windmill in Soho, I feel like my film career is charting the progression of pornography through the years in Soho, but they're the only two films I've done. So next time I'm going to have to do Stringfellows, that's the only option!"

:: Aphrodite Fry, part of the Love Matters series, is on Sky Living HD on Thursday, April 4.

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