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Saturday 31 January 2015

Stars turn out for new Craig film

John Hannah and Mark Strong attended the documentary's premiere
John Hannah and Mark Strong attended the documentary's premiere

Mark Strong, John Hannah and Lacey Turner stepped out for a new film narrated by Daniel Craig.

Other celebrity guests at the London premiere of BBC Earth's new One Life nature documentary film included Nina Wadia, a heavily pregnant Kate Silverton and model Alice Dellal.

"An amazing film to see with children, this film has taught them more than I ever could about the struggle of life," said Green Lantern star Mark.

Spartacus actor John added: "The film is a true triumph, I could not take my eyes from the screen throughout.

"It really puts our struggles as humans into perspective but also shows that in terms of day-to-day life, animals aren't so different to us."

Former EastEnders actress Lacey had only compliments too. She said: "The humour throughout the film was amazing, something which you just don't find in many nature documentaries. Daniel Craig's narration was sublime."

One Life, which is out in cinemas on July 22, documents the journey all living things take from the moment they are born to the delivery of the next generation.

Daniel has said: "For the filmmakers who spend their entire lives recording beautiful images of planet earth's dwindling wildlife, I have only a sense of awe and a deep rooted respect.

"I am incredibly fortunate to have been given the chance to play a very small part in that process."

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