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Thursday 24 April 2014

Streep: I felt like a kid again

Meryl Streep thought people might have 'Streep fatigue'

Meryl Streep said she "felt like a kid again" after winning an Oscar for the third time.

"I was thrilled," she told the assembled press after her win for playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. "I thought I was so old and jaded. I heard them call my name and it's like a white light. I felt like a kid again."

Then referring to her last win for Sophie's Choice back in 1982, she said: "Two of the nominees tonight weren't even conceived when I won."

The actress, who has been nominated 17 times for an Oscar, had earlier joked in her acceptance speech that "half of America were saying 'oh her'."

She said in her press conference that she was surprised at her win, as she thought the Academy might have "Streep fatigue".

She said: "I have everything I ever dreamed of in my life. I understood Streep fatigue and it shocked me that it didn't override this tonight.

"I don't take anything for granted. That's for sure," she added.

Christopher Plummer became the oldest person to win an acting Oscar when he picked up the gong for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Beginners. "It feels pretty good," the star told the assembled press after his win.

During his press conference, Plummer described winning his award as "lovely". He added: "It's a sort of general acceptance of your work. Although there are so many awards, I can't keep up. They are inventing a new one every day."

The octogenarian said he hoped to continue acting for another 10 years. "We don't retire in our profession, thank God."

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