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Thursday 28 August 2014

Swift: Mitchell role not confirmed

Taylor Swift says she hasn't been signed up yet to play Joni Mitchell on the big screen

Taylor Swift has said she hasn't been signed up to play Joni Mitchell in a new movie.

The US singer was thought to be confirmed to play the music legend in upcoming film Girls Like Us - about singers Joni, Carole King and Carly Simon - but she told Time magazine that although she is keen on the part, nothing is definite yet.

The 22-year-old said: "That's actually not confirmed. I wish I could say it's confirmed!

"But the thing about movies that I've learned is - I've been reading scripts for five years, and you just don't know what ones are going to get greenlit and which ones aren't, so I can't talk about it unless it's the real thing."

Taylor has appeared in films such as Valentine's Day and The Lorax, and admitted she is keen to appear on the big screen again.

"I would love to sign on to do a movie if it was the right role and if it was the right script, because I would be taking time away from music to tell a big grand story, and spend all of my time and pouring all of my emotions into being someone else," she said. "So for me to do that, it would have to be a story worth telling."

It had been reported that Taylor was set to play Joni in Girls Like Us, while Olivia Thirlby, Ari Graynor, Alison Pill and Zoe Kazan were thought to be in the running to portray folk singer Carole King. Mad Men's Jessica Pare, Allison Williams and Analeigh Tipton were thought to be battling it out for the part of fellow songstress Carly Simon.

The Sony musical drama is expected to track the careers of the three singers, who all emerged out of the 1960s folk scene and became pioneering musicians as well as feminist figures.

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