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Monday 21 April 2014

Tim Roth: I don't get moustaches

Tim Roth sported a moustache to play Prince Rainier

Tim Roth has revealed that he could not stand his Prince Rainier III moustache in his new film Grace Of Monaco.

The Reservoir Dogs star portrays the Prince of Monaco in Olivier Dahan's upcoming film, which stars Nicole Kidman as Hollywood actress Grace Kelly.

"It was all right except I really didn't like the moustache. I don't understand moustaches. I can understand hiding behind a beard but what the hell is a moustache? So that I didn't like," admitted the actor.

Tim - currently on the big screen in Rufus Norris' Broken - has only kind words to say for the director and his leading woman.

"Olivier Dahan, the director, is an extraordinary guy. He's the one who did the Edith Piaf movie as well. He's incredible, bizarre, creative and [has an] artistic mind that is fully functioning on set," he said.

"And then you have Nicole, who is extraordinary. We improvised, we played around with stuff and worked on the writing."

The London-born actor added: "It was a very creative process, so it's all good. And then we had to find the character and bring that back in."

Frank Langella, Derek Jacobi and Robert Lindsay also appear in the film, which is scheduled for a release in December 2013.

:: Broken is in cinemas now.

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