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Friday 27 February 2015

Tremaine hints at end of Jackass

Could Jack-Ass 3D be the end of the franchise?
Could Jack-Ass 3D be the end of the franchise?

Jackass 3D director Jeff Tremaine has revealed the movie could be the the final bow from the thrill-seeking pranksters.

Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass team began their stunt show on MTV in 2000. The 3D film is their third big screen escapade - and while they plan to release an extras movie called Jackass 3D.5 online and DVD, they admit this could be the end.

Jeff said: "We truly made it as if it's the end but we also made the other two movies as if those were the last, so it's getting pretty repetitious to be here three years after the last time, you know."

Johnny added: "We're not going to make any predictions. We honestly don't know."

The guys feel the 3D effects will bring fans into the action.

Johnny said: "It just puts you right in the middle of the stunt and prank. You're dealing with everything we're dealing with - 50,000 Africanised bees swirling at you, buffalos coming at you, rams coming at you..."

But 3D viewers will escape the injuries incurred during the filming of the stunts.

Johnny revealed: "There was a bunch. A few different people went to the hospital, I went a few times. [Wax singer] Loomis [Fall] probably got it the worst. He was jumping off a trampoline with an umbrella into the jet steam of a fighter jet so he broke his collar bone in three places, had to have surgery on his hand. So he's been going through it."

Jeff added: "I'd say for the amount of craziness in all the stunts, we were incredibly lucky. We've been incredibly lucky as a franchise as a whole, but we do know our doctors pretty well."

:: Jackass 3D is released in cinemas on November 5.

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