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Friday 1 August 2014

Voight in talks for Reagan movie

Jon Voight is being lined up for a role as a KGB agent in Reagan

Jon Voight is "in negotiations" to play a KGB agent in drama Reagan.

The Oscar-winning actor is considering playing a pivotal role in the upcoming biopic about former US president Ronald Reagan, said The Hollywood Reporter.

He is tipped to portray a Soviet KGB agent named Viktor, whose job it was to track down the 40th American president in the movie, which is based on two books by Paul Kengor - The Crusader and God And Ronald Reagan.

"Viktor is actually a character based on a number of KGB agents and Soviet analysts who we now know were tasked with keeping tabs on Ronald Reagan for many years," said the author.

"This is a feature film and not a documentary and I thought it was a smart way for the producers to keep the integrity of the story and yet make it entertaining."

Reagan is one of three forthcoming films about the former president. Alan Rickman is set to play him in Lee Daniels' The Butler, while Michael Douglas takes the lead role in Reykjavic.

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