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Saturday 19 April 2014

Way Back closes LA Film Festival

Toni Collette stars in The Way Way Back

Toni Collette, Steve Carell and Allison Janney hit the red carpet in Los Angeles as their movie The Way, Way Back closed the city's film festival.

Dressed in a sleek black jumpsuit, Little Miss Sunshine star Toni said how excited she was to be part of the coming of age summer holiday movie.

"As I read it is exactly how it appears on the screen. It has such a good heart, it's incredibly funny and moving and totally relatable.

"I like movies that feel true somehow and although this is funny it is grounded in reality."

The movie stars Canadian newcomer Liam James as 14-year-old Duncan who goes on holiday with his mother, played by Toni, and her boyfriend Trent, played by Steve.

"My character is very sweet and vulnerable and she learns from her son. That was one of my favourite things about it, the adults were learning from the children. They have a strong bond and she realises that through the course of the movie that relationship will suffice, it's beautiful."

Dressed in a charcoal suit, Steve said he could relate to Duncan's turmoil in the film.

"I think everybody could to a certain extent. If you enjoy having fun and enjoyable things, this movie fits the bill."

Liam revealed he turned to co-star Sam Rockwell for career advice. "Sam said if I was ever interested in doing theatre I should go to New York and hang out.

"Sam was the person who really helped me with getting the character, we met right before we started filming and did lots of great exercises and it really helped me going into this whole new environment."

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