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Sunday 21 September 2014

Winehouse doc is going to Cannes

A documentary about Amy Winehouse will be shown at Cannes film festival

Amy Winehouse's life and career is being brought to the big screen in a documentary that will debut at Cannes.

The documentary will use never-before-seen footage of the singer who died in 2011 of alcohol poisoning, says the Hollywood Reporter.

Rehab star Amy was 27 when she died and had a huge international fan base from her two albums, Frank and Back To Black.

Universal Music and acclaimed documentary filmmaker Asif Kapadia have teamed up to work on the film, which will be offered to foreign buyers at the Cannes Film Market.

Asif said: "This is an incredibly modern, emotional and relevant film that has the power to capture the zeitgeist and shine a light on the world we live in in a way that very few films can.

"Amy was a once-in-a-generation talent who captured everyone's attention; she wrote and sung from the heart, and everyone fell under her spell.

"But tragically, Amy seemed to fall apart under the relentless media attention, her troubled relationships, her global success and precarious lifestyle. As a society we celebrated her huge success, but then we were quick to judge her failings when it suited us."

Asif directed award-winning documentary Senna about the life and death of champion racing driver Ayrton Senna.

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